Music of the night #12

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

“The bright blessed day, The dark sacred night

I see friends shaking hands, saying: “How do you do? ”
They’re really saying: “I love you”

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more, than I’ll never know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world”

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Music of the night #11

Com a Certeza de Quem Não Sabe Nada- Baia

“As horas, elas já não passam por aqui

Já não penso mas na perda que pesou
Quem escolhe renúncia
como disse Corveline, Arthur Rimbaud
Amor somos pólvora e poesia

E esse vazio que nos inspire apavora já não judia
Distância versos tempo produto bruto desta história
Que se anuncia

Quisera eu que a vida fosse um arroz doce, una dolce vita
Livre do arbítrio aceitando o meu destino que se pronuncia

Com a certeza de quem não sabe nada
Decidi me entregar, com a certeza de quem não sabe nada”


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Music of the night #9

Where We Came From – Phillip Phillips

“I must’ve used up all my wishes yesterday

Alone through the darkness in this cave

Take it out, blow it up

I connect the stars to build a map to you
In the empty space we’re dreaming
Will we still know the truth?

Climb the mountain, swim for shore

Through the storm and all the dust
Take it out of these walls with a cannonball

While staring at the moon and the sun
Just trying to remember where we came from”

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Music of the night #8

We Own The Night – The Wanted

“Written on my tombstone, I want it to say
This man was a legend, a legend of his time
When he was at a party, the party never died

Everybody’s got a dream so what do you say
Are we making history?

I’m a little drunk, but I got something to say

May our hearts be full
Like our drinks tonight
May we sing and dance till we lose our minds”

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